By Harper Michaels

Keeping You

Crestwood University Novellas Book 1

Sophie Richards has loved Liam Collier since she was a little girl with no front teeth and a funny lisp. Unfortunately, Liam still sees her as that little girl. She has a master plan to make him see her for the woman she has become. She decides to attend the same school as Liam, the prestigious Crestwood University, located in Savannah, Georgia. She arrives with pink hair and a brand new attitude.

Liam Collier is shocked to see that his ‘little Sophie’ has turned into a beautiful, voluptuous woman. She immediately captures his attention. He wants her, but he knows he can’t give her the happily ever after she dreams of. What he can offer her is a no-strings attached love affair. Will she accept his offer?

Other Books

Falling For You: Growing Pains Book 1

Growing up in the South is no walk in the park, especially when you’re surrounded by wealthy preparatory school students in one of the most prestigious cities in the country. Five Oaks, a small town outside of Atlanta, has become home to the rich and famous, including stars of reality, Hollywood, and sports.  This story of romance and love set amidst the struggle of the rich and powerful versus the innocent and helpless will grip your heart.



Harper Michaels

Real relationships with credibility and worth can get messy. That’s half the fun.  My name is Harper Michaels, and I write stories that my readers can relate to and hopefully fall in love with.  I hope that you enjoy my first novel, Falling for You. My wish is that it reminds you of the simple power of love and the lessons it can teach us. I strive to create strong female characters that can realize their true strength, and male characters that can embrace them as they are.

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Hawaii…and hope

Hawaii…and hope

I arrived back home from vacation to Hawaii last weekend. It’s a beautiful place, with perfect weather all day, every day. It’s a place that gave me a little hope in the midst of all this loss, and all of the dying that surrounds me. Y’all I always try to be honest on...

Grit…and Gripes

Grit…and Gripes

No one turns into who they think will be when they’re a child. Most of us don’t become famous actresses or musicians. Most of us won’t be Olympic athletes. Most of us won’t even come close to being the adult we thought we would turn into. Time moves us along, and it...

Friends…and forever?

Friends…and forever?

I thought a lot about what to write today. To be honest, I'm not in the mood to write much at all. Yesterday was a horribly sad day, and I thought about not writing about it at all. Death and COVid are not happy topics and we hear about both subjects a lot these days....