I haven’t written in awhile. Not exactly sure why, except that life gets in the way sometimes. Kids get sick, work moves fast, and I just released my new novella, Keeping You, on October 5, my birthday. Life has been busy, but isn’t it always? There’s never a moment to slow down and just look around. There’s barely a moment to breathe.

I thought a lot about that yesterday. I sat down to write and I was suddenly just so very tired. I’ve been working since I was sixteen and sometimes I struggle with keeping going. I’ve basically been tired for the last twenty years. Hah. My job is fast-paced, hard, and never the same two days in a row. I both love and hate that.

I wonder sometimes if people know what healthcare workers and service workers are forced to endure. I’m not trying to throw myself a pity party, but the lack of human kindness lately is getting to me. Everyone is in a hurry. Everyone wants everything right now. There is a mentality that people should be like computers, that we should be able to never shut down. People give very little thought to how their words affect others, especially when they’re on the other side of the counter. There’s an expectation that complaints and rudeness are normal and accepted. I can’t help but shake my head at that.

What happened to the world we once lived in? What happened to basic kindness in everyday life? What happened to treating others as you would like to be treated? Is it okay to go to church on Sunday and repent, but then treat people serving you as if they are less than you? I work in healthcare and service, both hard industries, but I’ve never seen the lack of human compassion as prevalent as it is now.

If I’m depressing you, I’m sorry. I thought the pandemic would make us grow closer together. Sadly, I feel like that hasn’t happened in most cases. People are scared, and when they are scared they take the anxiety out on others around them. I know the feelings of anxiety well, the ball of terror in the pit of your stomach and the sweaty, shaky hands. Anxiety sucks for anyone and everyone. But what would it be like if we could channel all that fear into something positive? What if we could share that feeling and not feel so alone anymore? What if we spoke in kindness instead of anger? What if we looked for the ways we are alike instead of the ways we are different?

That probably sounds like a bunch of sappy shit. But I can’t help but wonder if kindness spreads and maybe we should all spread it a little each day? A smile instead of a frown, a laugh instead of a yell, a thank you instead of a complaint.

I’m gonna be short and sweet today, because that’s how I feel today. I’m still tired and I don’t want to get too introspective. Just wanted to share a few thoughts. If you get a chance, check out my novella Keeping You. It’s a sweet romantic story about a girl that’s been in love with her brother’s best friend forever. Sigh. I love that trope. Keep going and stay kind.

“Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” Henry James

Love you all,